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Thành lập nhà máy sản xuất Pallet nhựa LogisALL GoldLine Vina tại Việt Nam

LogisALL đang mở rộng hoạt động kinh doanh tại Đông Nam Á thông qua việc sản xuất và cung cấp Pallet tại Việt Nam.

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- Tiên phong tại thị trường Đông Nam Á thông qua liên doanh Việt…

Korea Mat 2014-2015

Korea Pallet Pool was established in 1985 under the slogan 'Opening of the age of Pallet Pool'. It is in charge of the pallet pool system that allows the introduction of our country's distribution industry's core task of 'Unit Load System'.

Also, Korea Pallet Pool owns…

LogisALL started New-Born Energy business over Solar Power Plant

LogisAll set up Solar Power Plant and started New-Born Energy business. They established

2,173.41kw Solar Power Plant on the roof of each three building of KPP and KCP located in

Gwangyang Distribution Center in the hinterland of Gwangyang port.

The Solar Power Plant is capable…

LogisALL USA Branch in Shorter, Alabama

Korean logistics company LogisAll plans to open a facility in Macon County that will serve the bustling Interstate 85 automotive manufacturing corridor, creating between 40 and 60 jobs in the plant’s first year of operation.

LogisAll will initially invest $4 million in its new Alabama…